Thursday, 1 October 2009

Grammatics - Double Negative (Single Review)

So, Grammatics are a rather epic sounding indie-rock foursome from Leeds and they released this brand new single onto the world after an announcement on Twitter yestersday afteroon (I knew there was a reason I had twitter). Bascially, this is spine-chillingly awesome! It manages to keep that epic feel that kept their album sounding so big, this mainly through the ball-droppingly good guitar work and vocal performance from front man 'Owen Brindley', but it also retains that element of pop that makes Grammatics tunes so memorable. In this track, its all the beat coupled with distorted bass to create this really strong groove that runs throughout the track, then theres the super catchy vocal hook that opens the track that I promise you will be humming for months to come! 'Double Negative' has this sort of in-yr-face quality about it, particually through the snarled refrain of 'Hey! Sugar!' in the chrous, but it also has this really beautiful and magjestic quality to it, which comes from the incredible gutair lines that are perfectly mirrored by Cello. I'm trying to describe this track as best as I can, but not many words can really describe it because its that good! I always knew that Grammatics had something special, but this track they're heading for the stars, my friend! Single of the year! So far....

Rating: 10/10

The single is out now to download via iTunes. Or you can pre-order the 7" which is released on October 26th, in which the MP3's of the single plus awesome B-side 'Notes In His Pockets' will be sent to you straight away. For more details and to pre-order please check out

The band will also be supporting the mighty 'Bloc Party' on their month long tour around the UK, this month entitled 'Bloctober'.

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